domingo, 7 de marzo de 2021

My wonder years

I have always been fascinated by the 80s of the Twentieth Century. I will share my thoughts on this period in the following paragraphs.

Gorbachev and Reagan
signing the INF Treaty (1987)
The 80s of the Twentieth Century was a period where some of the most powerful political leaders of the world at least tried to solve a few of the most worrying global political issues at the time. I reckon this fact makes this decade a little bit different from the predecessor and successor years. Maybe the two most relevant political leaders who guided the rest of the world during this period were Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev. I find that the fall of the Berlin Wall (1989), the dissolution of the Soviet Union (1988-1991), and the consequent end of the Cold War (1947-1991) were good news, at least during those years. Although today we may have a slightly different opinion of these facts considering everything that has happened since then. Anyway, I find there was a very positive political climate of peace-making and reconciliation in the 80s, and I find it hard to understand why we have not kept that path during the following years.

viernes, 1 de enero de 2021

Entre las provincias y la capital

Soy de origen rural. Nací en Burgos. Mi padre es natural de un pueblecito muy pequeño de la provincia de Soria, Castillejo de Robledo. Mi madre es natural de otro pueblecito pequeño de la provincia de Burgos, Santo Domingo de Silos. A mis 7 años mi familia y yo fijamos nuestra residencia ya en la capital, Madrid.