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martes, 19 de mayo de 2020

Between Spain & Portugal

I copy here the beginning of the entry for 'Hispania' in the English Wikipedia:

Roman provinces of Hispania
Hispania was the Roman name for the Iberian Peninsula and its provinces. Under the Republic, Hispania was divided into two provinces: Hispania Citerior and Hispania Ulterior. During the Principate, Hispania Ulterior was divided into two new provinces, Baetica and Lusitania, while Hispania Citerior was renamed Hispania Tarraconensis. Subsequently, the western part of Tarraconensis was split off, first as Hispania Nova, later renamed "Callaecia" (or Gallaecia, whence modern Galicia). From Diocletian's Tetrarchy (AD 284) onwards, the south of remaining Tarraconensis was again split off as Carthaginensis, and probably then too the Balearic Islands and all the resulting provinces formed one civil diocese under the vicarius for the Hispaniae (that is, the Celtic provinces). The name Hispania was also used in the period of Visigothic rule.

martes, 28 de abril de 2020

On teaching science

In the next few paragraphs, I will try to share my view on the current situation of how our country is carrying out the teaching of science.

John Nash (1928 - 2015)
Currently, we have a serious problem with motivation in the teaching of science. It seems that today's students have very little interest in knowledge, intellectual effort, or education in general. We enter a vicious cycle in which students do not learn due to their lack of motivation, but at the same time, they are not motivated because they do not learn.